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take a photograph, it'll be the last [entries|friends|calendar]


fourteen. black hair. hazel eyes. bisexual. my chemical romance, green day, taking back sunday, the used, thursday, something corporate, wednesday thru friday, phantom planet, underoath, good charlotte, bouncing souls, funeral for a friend, death cab for cutie, armor for sleep, from first to last. more. label me, and i'll kill you.


without a sound i took her down and dressed in red and blue i squeezed imaginary wedding gown that you can't wear in front of me. a kiss goodbye, your twisted shell, as rice grains and roses fall at your feet. lets say goodbye, the hundreth time, and then tomorrow we'll do it again. tomorrow we'll do it again. these hands stained red from the times that i've killed you and then we can wash down this engagement ring with poison and kerosene we'll laugh as we die and we'll celebrate the end of things with cheap champagne. - drowning lessons by my chemical romance


temporary anesthetics & predictable moo & crab scrambly & sweet revenge game & ultimate my chemical romance site & threadless t-shirts & smartpunk & cotton factory & green squirrel shirts & dorks anonymous club & revolt & purevolume & the immortality project

welcome to hotel bella muerte.
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a friend in need's a friend, indeed [Saturday
July 16th, 2022 ]
im baaaaack!!
kind of. because of this:

new journal (since i don't like gc anymore..): ohemgerard
add it or die!

friends only [Wednesday
February 2nd, 2005 ]

friends only.
comment to be added.

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